Recycle clothes and shoes

Where to take unwanted clothes, shoes and textiles, and how doing so supports the local community.

What to do with unwanted clothes and shoes

Used clothes, shoes and textiles can go to one of our many textile recycling points.

We use a company called SOEX to manage and maintain our clothing and shoe banks. The service is run at no cost to tax payers. 40% of profits go to community grants which local groups and charities can apply for. The other 60% is reinvested into some of our other 700 services we run every day.

Alternatively, you can donate your items to charity or use free sharing apps like Freegle and Olio.

Textile recycling points map

The map shows where you can recycle clothes, shoes and textiles in the city.

Textile recycling points listed

Location Street  Postcode
Barcombe Road (opposite shops) Barcombe Road BN1 9JQ
Carden Avenue recycling site Carden Avenue BN1 8LL
CEX recycling site Western Road BN1 2DA
Chalky Road recycling site Chalky Road BN41 2ET
Coldean Lane recycling site Coldean Lane BN1 9GA
Coop Lewes Road Lewes Road BN2 3HW
Coop Whitehawk Road Whitehawk Road BN2 5NS
Coop Western Road Western Road BN3 1DA
Cowley Drive (Post Office) Cowley Drive BN2 6TD
Dyke Road Reservoir Dyke Road BN3 6PE
Ellen Street recycling site Ellen Street BN3 3WW
Elm Grove (bottom) recycling site Elm Grove BN2 3LA
Elm Grove (middle - at junction of De Montford Road) Elm Grove BN2 3ET
Fiveways Bring recycling site Ditchling Road BN1 7JE
Foredown Drive recycling site Foredown Drive BN41 2GN
Freshfield Way recycling site Freshfield Way BN2 0LE
Grand Avenue Hove Grand Avenue Hove BN3 2LF
Hangleton Way (opposite Poplar Avenue) recycling site Hangleton Way BN3 8EY
Hanover Centre Southover Street BN2 9UD
Happy Valley recycling site Falmer Road BN2 6LA
Hollingbury Park recycling site Hollingbury Park BN1 6JU
King Alfred Centre Car Park Hove Street South BN3 2BT
Kingswood Street recycling point Kingswood Street BN2 0JY
Kingsway recycle area St Aubyns/Kingsway BN3 2TH
Ladies Mile recycling site Ladies Mile Road BN1 8TA
Leybourne Parade Leybourne Road BN2 4LW
Lockwood Crescent Lockwood Crescent BN2 6UG
London Road recycling site Preston Road BN1 6RB
Lower Bevendean Parade Lower Bevendean Avenue BN2 4FE
Marlborough Place recycle area Marlborough Place BN1 1UB
Montpelier Crescent recycling site Montpelier Crescent BN1 3JL
Moulsecoomb Leisure Centre Moulsecoomb Way BN2 4PB
New England Street recycling point New England Street BN1 4GQ
Norfolk Square recycling site Norfolk Square BN1 2PB
Old Steine Sainsbury's Pavillion Parade/Old Steine BN2 1RA
Portland Road recycling site Portland Road BN3 5QJ
Preston Park (Drove End) recycling site Preston Park North BN1 6HG
Preston Park South recycling point Preston Park South BN1 6AQ
Queens Park Terrace (Pepperpot) Queens Park Terrace  BN1 0FZ
Richmond Parade Richmond Parade BN2 9GB
RSPCA recycling site Braepool Pavillion BN1 8ZH
St Johns Road recycling point (Floral Clock) St Johns Road BN3 2FB
Saltdean Park recycling site Saltdean Park Road BN2 8SP
School Lane recycling site School Lane BN2 8FY
Station Approach recycle area Station Approach BN3 3TJ
The Level, south end next to café Lewes Road BN2 9SY
Tisbury Road recycling site Tisbury Road BN3 3BR
Trafalgar Street Car Park Blackman Street BN1 1DZ
Union Road recycling site Union Road BN2 9SY
Vale Park, Denmark Road recycling site Denmark Road BN41 1GJ
Wayfield Avenue recycling site Wayfield Avenue  BN3 7LW
West Way shops recycling area West Way BN3 8LD
Western Road recycling site Western Road BN1 2LA
Western Road Tescos Western Road BN3 1JB
Whitecross Street recycling point Whitecross Street BN1 4EB
Wilmington Parade recycling site Wilmington Parade BN1 8LA
Withdean Stadium recycling site Tongdean Lane BN1 5JD
Woodbourne Avenue recycling site Woodbourne Avenue BN1 8EJ
Woodingdean Library Car Park Warren Road BN2 6BA
York Grove recycle area York Grove BN1 3TT

More information

Find out more about how to apply for community grant funded by our textile and shoe recycling.